Trade decentralized options without collateral.
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The DYMMAX protocol includes a platform for making transactions and working with an auction is in beta.

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For Liquidity Providers

Holded assets table

Market makers do not take the risk of contract payments. They only provide initial liquidity, allowing them to achieve an optimal balance between risk and profit.

Profit charts
  • Projected profit
  • Controlled risk

You control the distribution of your assets to reduce the risk of price changes and visualize your investments result at the expiration date.

Get impeccable control over your finance

Monitor auction status, orderbook, and estimated strategies prices in real-time.

How it Works

  • Bidding pool

    Traders put limit orders to desired options strategies into a joint renewable auction with floating premium.

  • Price model

    АТМ strike and premium calculation are performed off-chain based on parimutuel betting with fixed odds. Orders with acceptable limit prices are satisfied.

  • Settlement

    When the auction closes, uniform ERC20 tokens are issued and distributed among the participants. Then auction reopens for new orders gathering.

  • Expiration

    When an option expires, holders of the corresponding token receive their rewards from the bank using the DYMMAX terminal.

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