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Starts: 25.12.2020

DYMMAX protocol details

DYMMAX - a decentralized protocol for issuing DeFi options without full collateral.


Short description of DYMMAX Protocol


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DMX Features

Token holders, besides exchange rates benefits, obtain an ability to manage the DYMMAX protocol, as well as save on fees using it.

Voting for new options. A series of ETH/USDT auctions will be launched initially. DMX token holders will be able to vote on adding new series of auctions.

Payment for services in the DYMMAX and partners ecosystem. All services available in the DYMMAX ecosystem can be paid using DMX tokens. We will strive to ensure that our partners also accept DMX tokens if possible.

Voting on DYMMAX development paths. We aim to be a completely decentralized project, so that our community will always have a decisive role in the development of the ecosystem.

Token burning: every quarter, depending on the commissions received from trading, we will burn DMX tokens. Ultimately 15% of the DMX emissions will be burned.

The ratio of cashback payments to available tokens

Cashback from trading commissions. DYMMAX users pay a 0.2% commission, however, this commission can be significantly reduced by utilizing the DMX token.


Token Distribution

The total issue of DMX tokens is 10 million tokens, of which 2.1 million are planned for public sale.

%DMX tokensWhereVesting
212 100 000Public saleInstant
7700 000Community airdropsWithin a year after IEO
151 500 000Ecosystem & partnersWithin a year after IEO
151 500 000Seed sale1 year after IEO
121 200 000Staking25,000 per month for 4 years
303 000 000Foundation50,000 per month for 5 years
DMX tokens
2 100 000
700 000
1 500 000
1 500 000
1 200 000
3 000 000

Token release schedule

The schedule of the tokens vesting for all parties.


Upcoming development of the DYMMAX protocol and ecosystem.


Q3 2020
  • Private round sale until 31.10.2020
Q4 2020
  • IEO on Probit
  • DMX token listing and market making
  • Local community building
Q1 2021
  • Mainnet release with the first options series of ETH/USDT
  • Launch of market makers program
  • Launch of secondary circulation of tokens on existing decentralized exchanges
Q2 2021
  • Expanding the list of available instruments
  • First DMX burning according to fees collected in Q1
Q3 2021
  • Launch of own decentralized exchange
  • Launch of DYMMAX protocol on top of a second blockchains


Q3 2020
  • Implementation of the platform interface
Q4 2020
  • MVP release in Ropsten network
  • Smart contract security audit and testing
  • UI enhancement according to users feedback
Q1 2021
  • Tokenization of options
  • Test implemntatino of DYMMAX on top of L2 solutions
  • MVP implementation of DMX Democracy platform
Q2 2021
  • DMX holders voting for fees cashback
  • MVP implementation on top of other blockchains (e.g. RSK, Polkadot, Cosmos, Waves, Ergo)
  • Development of DYMMAX decentralized exchange
Q3 2021
  • Development of cross-chain communication
  • Finish DMX Democracy platform implementation

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